Stained Glass Art Created by Toni

Toni has been working with stained glass for 18 years. Starting with stepping stones I have grown my skills to create large and small stained glass windows, hanging stained glass panels, tables, table and night lights, and garden art. I am able to take your design idea and make an original stained glass pattern that is uniquely yours. Contact me at to talk about your idea for a stained glass project.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making Leaded Stained Glass Windows - Pattern

There are countless number of stained glass pattern books available yet there are times when you may want something unique, with your own personality, and fits into your decor. There are ways to use clip art, photos, other stained glass patterns and a little of your creativity to design a stained glass pattern that is all your own.

The stained glass hanging panel shown here is a combination of many images combined together, I added my own creativity, and designed a pattern that represents a fresh new start and freedom.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Making Leaded Stained Glass Windows - Cutting Stained Glass

I started making stained glass projects, with the help of a friend, 18 years ago. My first projects were small square stepping stones that I gave as gifts for Christmas. I now am running a small business, making money at home, designing and building leaded stained glass windows on commission and using my left-over glass for other stained glass projects. This article is one in a series that explains, in detail, how to make a leaded stained glass window. For all the information including links to free clip art and free photos click here.